Covid-19 Update and Assessment




At all times patient confidentially will be maintained. As part of the government’s track and trace policy I am obliged to share only your name and contact number and only if I or any patient test positive for Covid-19. There is no requirement to share that you are a counselling client.


If  counsellor is unwell

If I become unwell and am unable to continue to hold sessions for a lengthy period of time I can recommend an alternative counsellor. With your agreement a trusted third party may contact you in this eventuality.


Localised lockdown

If we are required to go into a localised lockdown it maybe that online sessions are a possibility or you may prefer to wait until that lockdown is lifted.


Client notification

The onus would be on you – the client - to let me know if you become unwell as soon as possible.


Shielding or high risk clients

If you are shielding for any reason or consider yourself in a vulnerable group, online or telephone sessions can be arranged.



Access via an alleyway that can allow for client and counsellor to be suitably distanced.

Leading to a door that the counsellor can open and shut with a gloved hand.

Client can sit on a wipe clean leather sofa that will be treated before and after every session.

Windows can be opened allowing ventilation of the counselling space.

Client and counsellor will wear visors.

Client can keep theirs for the next session.

Counsellor will provide hand sanitiser, bottle of water and individual packet of tissues for the client.

Insurance consulted and approved.

BACP guidelines followed.


Procedural Checklist

Before – Clean and sanitise the counselling space including handles, surfaces and sofa

Arrival – Clear walkway no touching points

Seating – Sanitise hands, put on visors, tissues and water for comfort

Leaving – Leave the same way avoiding touchpoints

After – Clean and sanitise the counselling space